XXElectrical Exam Assessment: Calculations

Are you prepared to take the Washington State Electrical Exam?

This class will give students an opportunity to assess their readiness for the Calculations portion of the Washington State Electrical Exam by participating in timed mock exams*, proctored by a licensed Master Electrician.

Class will be broken into morning and afternoon sessions where students will be given the opportunity to sit through a simulated test with questions similar to those found on the actual state exam. Following the conclusion of each mock exam, the proctor will go over the correct answers with students allowing them to grade their own exam and determine areas where additional self-study is necessary. As time permits, the proctor will help guide students towards how to determine the correct answers to calculations.

Students will be required to show up to class as if they were attending the State Exam, with all materials being pre-approved before entering the classroom.

*Mock exams are paper-based and do not require students to bring a computer or laptop with them to class.

Continuing Education Credit

  • Electrical Trainees
    • 8 hours Basic Classroom Training
    • Course #: WA2022-552
  • Journey-level Electricians
    • 8 hours Industry Related
    • Course #: WA2022-552

Class Times

  • 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Required Books/Materials

  • 2020 NEC Code Book
  • Calculator
  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil


Classroom Information


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